About Us


My name is Mastar Caesar, a Nigerian. It began in 2012 when I visited Lagos for the first time after 15 years away from Nigeria. My goal was to travel as much as possible all over Nigeria, so I bought a car and made some friends in Lagos.

Driving up and down the Highways, I kept picking up travelers. They told me getting to various parts of Nigeria was difficult unless you had your own car, and the only other option was the public bus, which is slow, expensive and much time wasting at the park. These buses will not move until their passengers are complete, thereby staying hours at the park waiting for the buses to get full.

Then, I was looking for a project to cut my teeth into web development. I did a Google search to see if there were any good carpool solutions to get around Nigeria without stress, there were none. I decided to build a simple website to help connect car owners and people looking for rides going the same way. Few days later, Gomywayride Services Ltd was created.

The website got over 10,000 members in its first launched, it grew through word of mouth as a side project and still growing today. In 2017 I decided to quit my job and relocated to Nigeria to focus on growing the service into a business. Between 2017 and 2019, I focused on improving the platform, which attracted another 10,000 members. I also launched mobile apps to help people organize rides on the Gomywayride Services Ltd platform.


In the middle of 2019, I reached a crossroads. With a killer product, over 50,000 members and 2,600,000 km shared. I had evolved the original concept of Gomywayride Services Ltd to an online platform for people to prearrange rides, and has enabled thousands of people to trust each other and travel together.The Gomywayride Services Ltd Platform is constantly growing, and thanks to member feedback.

Our vision is to live in a world where we all share useful things/valuable supplies to better preserve the earth. Our mission is simple: to fill empty seats in cars and help people travel together. As humans we have to travel for life, for work and for fun. Travel opens the mind, it breaks social (things that block or stop other things), it makes us more tolerant and better. We believe travel is a basic right, not a priviledge. With the right use of technology and your support, we believe we can make travel more (easy to get to, use, or understand) for everyone. We do this by connecting drivers with people heading the same way/direction. By sharing trips, we create a new type of travel that is more social, low-priced and substainable. We help people share moments in the real life together in person. Introducing Gomywayride... The leading Carpool Solution in Africa.