Can I use a rental vehicle in Gomywayride platform?

2020-10-02 09:50:51

Wherever carpooling is legal - which is most areas of Nigeria - you can use Gomywayride in combination with a rental vehicle. In fact, it's a great combination and we see it quite often on the (raised, flat supporting surface) when people don't have their own car and want to make some money through our platform, they go for rental car, which is way cheaper to rent than to own. When legally carpooling, your regular insurance applies and you are not tax-responsible for damage for the money collected through Gomywayride. Since you'll have quite a few people in your car, we do recommend generous third-party insurance - but this is our (opinions about what could or should be done about a situation) (without any concern about/having nothing to do with) whether you're driving your own car or a rental! Please note that (in the end) it is your responsibility to be aware of the clearly stated/particular laws in your place.

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