Car pooling advantages

2020-10-02 09:25:53

SAVE MONEY Just putting aside the sadness/darkness and doom aspect of (the health of the Earth/the surrounding conditions)al hit/effect of (coal, natural gas, oil, etc.); think about/believe even the cost saving aspect. I've been reading a fair bit on car combining today and it hasn't been unusual/amazing to read stories of people who save a couple of hundred dollars a month in transport costs by sharing a ride with someone else. In some cities, you can also save on tolls and parking if your vehicle has many people (who are living in a building, etc.). It's not just the cost of gas, tolls and parking, but city driving is famous (for something bad) for causing wear on vehicles - all the stopping and starting wears out engines, brakes and gearboxes, and tire wear. According to the American Car Association, it costs an average of 26.2 cents per mile to drive a car; and that's just gas and wear and tear combined. DECONGESTS ROADS According to a recent US study, "Commuting in America": - U.S. drivers wasted 4.2 billion hours sitting in traffic in 2005 - Traffic delays chewed through 2.9 billion gallons of fuel - In Los Angeles, the average driver wastes 72 hours per year going nowhere. If everyone car combined, imagine the many hundreds of thousands of vehicles that would be off the road each day. This would lessen traffic jam, making trips faster, cutting fuel and car maintenance costs even further. Some places even have roads with selected/named lanes for multiple person (who is living in a building, etc.) vehicles and I expect we'll see more of this in the years ahead. SOCIAL/EMOTIONAL Through sharing a ride, you'll meet other people. Our online world is steadily disconnecting people and that can be unhealthy for many folks. For some people, there's nothing like a pep session before the daily grind and a counselling session immediately later/after that :). Also, if you find driving to work stressful, car sharing can help (reduce) the frustration in travelling to and from the workplace. You may even find time to carry out other tasks during the drive instead, such as preparing for meetings etc. FLEXIBLE THROUGH TECHNOLOGY In the early days of car sharing, it was fairly (serving to severely limit or control) and it could be very hard to find people you get along with to team up to share a ride. The coming of the World Wide Web has changed all that. Many online services have sprung up that provide a good choice of people to ride share with and therefore greater flexibility with your own timetable. Better online useful things/valuable supplies will offer the following matching: (land-area-based/location) - matching departure and destination routes Time-based - matching times of departure and (the act of reaching a destination) Personal Preferences. - Points such as whether you wish to be a driver and/or passenger, (male/female status) preferences, smoker/non-smoker - some even provide matching for music choices. That's quite a good idea; I know I would go completely and totally nuts sitting through an hour of rap (no offense to rappers meant). Here's some online car combining useful things/valuable supplies to check out :

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