Car pooling ? good for your pocket and the environment.

2020-10-02 09:08:48

Car combining, also known as ride-sharing or lift sharing, can save you big bucks on petrol, wear and tear on your vehicle, oil useful things/valuable supplies and reduce all the connected nasty (effect on the surrounding conditions or on the health of the Earth) connected with driving. But wait, there's more!.. When you drive to work, are you alone or do you have room for other passengers? Have you ever (saw/heard/became aware of) how many others around you are driving on their own too? In Nigeria, 90% people who drove to work or study in 2010 did not have a passenger. In the USA, single person (who is living in a building, etc.) commuting is around 75% according to (official count of everyone who lives in a country, city, etc.) data. There are millions of us who start/work at single/alone travel to and from work; driving billions of miles each year, spending a stack of cash on petrol and pumping tons of (things sent out or given off) into the atmosphere. If public transport isn't for you and you've rejected the idea of car combining in the past for whatever reasons, technology has given more far more choice, flexibility and (wasting very little while working or producing something) to the idea - maybe it's time to think about it again? As talked about/said, you don't necessarily have to have a car to participate in a lift sharing arrangement. In these cases you should plan to add/give cash to the driver to help cover his or her costs. Formal carpooling is thought to have come out in mid-1970s, likely due to the oil serious problem at that time. It was a different sort of serious problem back then and what we face now is far more serious. Our serious problem isn't so much about politics or oil (groups of businesses; it's about an useful thing/valuable supply that's running out and one that plays a big part in worldwide warming - oil. While the days of (existing in very large amounts), easy to extract oil extracted from the ground are just about over; there will be still enough around for some years to come to push us well over the edge into runaway worldwide warming. (certain to happen) change is already happening to our climate, but it's within the power of each of us to do our little bit to reduce (things sent out or given off) - and our total (of everything or everyone) efforts can make a difference as to how bad things get.

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