Carpooling from Lagos to Abuja

2020-09-27 11:32:48

Gone are those days when you had to set for a road trip all alone, more like a zombie. Now road trips are full of fun as you have got a mind blowing option like intercity carpooling to your desired destination. The carpooling trip in between Lagos to Abuja will be unforgettable for you as your co-riders and you can talk, chill, relax and reach the destination. Intercity carpooling comes with lots of advantages which makes it a big yeah for all the travelers. Why is intercity carpooling a cool option to try? Intercity carpooling from Lagos to Jos permits a user to enjoy the comfort of a cab without breaking the bank. Carpooling from Lagos to Abuja helps a ride-giver to split the fuel cost with his co-riders. Guess how much they can save by sharing the empty seats of a four-wheeler. Travelling in between Lagos to Abuja takes about 8 hours so you can easily understand how easily you can become friends with with your co-passengers. Your professional network grows much faster than others as you are travelling with a group of professionals. You may get an opportunity to reach a step closer to your dream job with the help of referrals. Carpooling from one place to another within the state during weekends helps to reduce traffic jam. We tend to take short breaks while driving for quite a long span of time. How very hard is it to secure a parking space near any hotel or restaurant on highways? Intercity carpooling can effectively solve the problem of parking space. Carpooling for long-distance helps to reduce carbon-emission. Nothing can be better than being a responsible person (who lawfully lives in a country, state, etc.) by controlling down the air-pollution rate. Intercity carpooling rate vs cab fare: Price to surprise you Intercity carpooling is way more money-saving than app cabs. Let us tell you both the prices for the same route, which will provide you with a crystal clear idea of the huge fare differences. The distance between Lagos to Abuja is about 600 kilometers. Uber app will charge close to N100,000 Naira to cover the distance on an agreed one way flat rate. On the other hand, the intercity carpooling costs only about N10,000! Give Intercity Carpooling with Gomywayride a shot Finding a (deserving people's trust because of honesty, etc.) intercity carpooling partner is not that very hard now. Nigeria's largest ride-sharing (raised, flat supporting surface) GomywayRide is there to solve all your intercity carpooling related troubles. With more than a few thousand users across the country, they have already created a bunch of (deserving people's trust because of honesty, etc.) people. With an organized row of most modern features, (the best design available now) riding experience and higher price/higher cost travelling experience intercity carpooling with GomywayRide is surely going to be the best one for you. This app encourages digital payment methods while paying for the trip. So don't wait anymore just plan your trip for the upcoming weekend. Happy trip.

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