How GomywayRide has made travelling easy from Abuja to Port Harcourt

2020-10-02 10:49:33

After a tiring week in the office, most of us look (for) a break from our dull, dull and depressing daily commonly-done actions. What can be better than tripping to refresh your mind and escaping from the hurried confusion of city-based life? Most of us do long for weekend trips quite often. What can be the better option to explore nearby places if you don't feel like travelling alone or not having a four-wheeler? No fear, as the intercity carpooling by Gomywayride is here to fulfil your desire of weekend trips. People of God's Own Country are blessed with the beautiful (beautiful to look at) beauty. Be it the great Atlantic Sea or the Northern Jos Mountains is one of the most beautiful states of the country which will give anyone a major vacay feeling. The refreshing oh so green beautiful will definitely give you a nice memory which can be loved and honored forever. The road trips are often thought about/believed as one of the greatest travelling experiences. Do reach out to one of your globe-runter friends and just listen to their experience. They will definitely recall the 5 hrs long travelling from Lagos to Kogi and recommend you to visit there. Thanks to the invent of intercity carpooling which has made this 217 kilometres long route travelling easy and simple. Let's have a look at the write up to know how carpooling is the best option to head towards your favourite weekend destination.

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