Make your Lagos to Abuja trip eco-friendly!

2020-09-27 10:43:11

Abuja is a famous weekend destination, and if you are in Abuja, you may be well aware of this place. For the rest, Abuja is a hill station surrounded

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Did you know? You can Carpool to airport too

2020-09-24 08:07:20

Sade frequently travels from Lagos to Abuja on official work. The biggest challenge for her is to travel to the airport. During peak hours, Sade finds

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Carpooling vs Shared taxi — What is the difference?

2020-09-21 09:04:02

Carpooling has become a common term, especially in metro cities. Carpooling has made commuting easy and affordable, and it has also helped to reduce h

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Why are ladies preferring GomywayRide over other modes of transportations?

2020-09-24 08:15:26

Seyi got a chance to meet with Femi and Kemi while going to the office. All of them do carpool through Gomywayride to their work and they are just lov

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Carpooling via organised platform will solve office commuting problem

2020-09-24 08:20:42

Welcome to Life once again! A sigh of relief came in Lockdown 4.0 with the government announcing more relaxations in the coming days. Its time to actu

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Carpooling for Intercity/Interstate Travel

2020-09-16 06:45:48

Gomywayride Services Ltd makes it easy, safe, affordable, reliable, and convenient to rideshare between cities/states in Nigeria. . Get a ride in so

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